Have your favorite lip gloss ever been discontinued? I know I’ve experienced this before, several of my lip glosses were discontinued or limited edition. All I was left with was an empty tube and trying to find a look a like gloss. It was an experience like this one that made Latoya Ausley, launch Preppy Gyrl & Co. Preppy Gyrl is a lip gloss salon in Chicago, IL that’s helping women recreate their favorite lip glosses or create an  entire new color. At Preppy GyrL & Co. you make your own lip gloss from scratch. Your color is saved and as it says on the website it will never be discounted. The tube is $15.  It’s made from all natural ingredients. Some of the glosses are based with natural ingredients like Shea Butter.


(What’s in your Makeup Bag: Preppy Gyrl & Co. first appered on the “Oh LaLa Blog”)

Ask The Preppy Gyrls

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