Preppy Gyrl Country Club Books

Preppy Gyrl Country Club: College Dorm Diaries of the Pretty Church Girl Crew: Church Girl Dropout-Beauty, Brains & Lipgloss on His Bed

Welcome to Preppy Gyrl Country Club! A “Smart Girl’s World!” The premier place of leisure for the Prep and Posh! The ultimate hangout for smart girls that love fashion, lipgloss and college life. It’s finally here! The countdown to College! A new life of freedom! It’s time to pack for move-in day!

Preppy Gyrl Devotional: Campus Life Scriptures & Daily Living Reflections for College Girls (Companion to the Preppy Gyrl Country Club Novel Series)

College is finally here hunny bunnies! As you embark on this new journey as a Christian girl in college, it is important that you keep God first in your actions and in your heart. The daily responsibilities of classes, study time, social activities and just finding the time to sleep can be challenging. So, of course, reading your Bible can become quite difficult to do during your college years. We understand that it isn’t that you don’t love God and have put Him on the shelf but rather, the pressures of college can be demanding and overwhelming

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