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Preppy Gyrl: Beverly’s New Makeup Boutique

While exploring the neighborhood of Beverly for our “Classic Chicago” episode we came across a new addition to the hood. Preppy Gyrl & Co., 9507 S. Wood, is a new makeup boutique where you can customize your own personal lip gloss and eye shadow.

Owner Latoya Ausley created Preppy Gyrl after her favorite lip gloss was discontinued. She wore a Clinique gloss for over 7 years and one day they stopped making the color. She said she searched everywhere to find a color that would match her perfect shade but it was impossible. So one day she started researching how to make lip gloss. Latoya realized it wasn’t that difficult and decided to make her own gloss. Next thing she knew friends were asking her to make gloss for them and host gloss making parties and she found herself so busy that she decided why not open my own store.
Now Latoya has her own shop in Beverly where girls can come and customize their own lip gloss and even eye shadows. Preppy Gyrl documents the entire process and formula so you can name your gloss and never have to worry about it being discontinued. All you have to do is call or come in and they will pull your file with you formula and make you another tube.

For those girls who have ever gone through the pain of having one of your favorite products discontinued, Preppy Gyrl is perfect for you. Another bonus is each large tube is only $15. I pay double that sometimes for gloss!

The entire experience is a ton of fun. From the time you walk through the door the music is pumping and the staff is great. Whether you are by yourself or want to bring a few friends for a party you will have a great time. Make sure you ask for a Punky Brewsta” when you go. It is their signature non-alcoholic drink that comes in the prefect martini glass. It taste amazing! They wouldn’t give me the recipe, but if you go see if you can get it out of them and please let me know.

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