Are You a “Preppy Gyrl?” Profile of Chicago’s Preppy Gyrl Boutique

Makeup chef. It’s two words that are possibly inconceivable until you see LaToya Ausley at work. She greets you with a warm smile when you walk into her pink deco Preppy Gyrl Boutique.
There are fruit drinks called “Punky Brusters” in martini glasses as you have a seat at the makeup counter. You sip and relax and begin by telling Ausley about what types of cosmetics you’re interested in. It feels like you’re chatting with a close girlfriend, not realizing Ausley has already transitioned into cosmetic design mode.

The process is intimate and entertaining wrapped in make-up bliss. The basic consultation transpires between you and Ausley in the form of a conversation. Together, you start off with Preppy Gyrl’s all-natural signature blend and decide on the basic shade that you feel best highlights your own unique style and taste. Based upon your specific preferences, Ausley strategically mixes in the textures, frosts, and flavors of your choice to formulate the perfect personalized lip glosses, eyeshadows, and bronzer

“Are You a “Preppy Gyrl?” Profile of Chicago’s Preppy Gyrl Boutique”

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