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The private life! Pretty, educated and anointed girls in the college world!™️

Preppy Gyrl Country Club is the Pout Fashion House of lipgloss luxury & Black Teen Girl Literature. College prep is our specialty. LaToya N. Ausley is the creator and author of the college life themed, “Beauty, Brains and Bible” Coming of Age, teen novels brand for Black girls.

Preppy Gyrl Country Club is the perfect novel for teen girls. This generation of teens are presented with a classic novel about teen life and all of its secrets, struggles, and successes. It’s the private life of four Black teen girls who are Christians but are seemingly not exempt from typical teen life. The four best friends are from the urban areas of Chicago and are ironically pretty, smart and anointed high school girls with college, future careers and first loves on their mind. Black teen girls all over the world are indulging in the unlocked diaries of the Pretty Church Girls of preppy gyrl Country club. The girls are seniors in a private high school, they drive matching convertible cars in the prettiest colors and boyfriends and virginity are a reality as well as a prophetic gift that seems to be playing peek-a-boo in some of their lives. They are finally about to go away to college. Far, far away from the slums of Chicago. The Preppy Gyrls will be attending Brighton University, an Ivy League in Brighton, California. Teen girls have The privilege of getting the first-hand juicy details of their lives as they embark on.college life, declaring majors, Identity, choosing boyfriends and best friends, maintaining their relationship with Christ while remaining popular on campus, joining sororities or Nah, graduating their virginity status or nah and everything else that the freedom of college life brings.

Meet the Preppy Gyrls. Jordan Posh, a pre-med major, she’s cute and bossy with long and natural black hair down her back and an always precisely trimmed bang, Brooklyn Pastel, a Finance & Business major. She’s boy crazy and her brown tresses are always wrapped in a beautiful bun sealed with plush cheer bows, the Fashion major and Software Engineering minor, Fah’ry Kanary, she’s the irresistible  girl with big curly black hair, Luxury mint green glasses and loves a fresh dose of bubblegum,  and Emory, an International Business & Ministry major, She’s pritzy, wears diamond earrings, a signature tennis bracelet, dainty diamond ring and the prettiest honey brown ponytail that touches her elbows. How much does a membership to Preppy Gyrl Country Club really costs? “It’s the private life! Pretty, educated and anointed girls in the college world!” The flesh vs. the Spirit! The Teenage War starts…now! See you in the novels!

“Building futures by Building intellects, one girl at a time.

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