PG Teen Clubhouse Book Club

girl with glasses and yellow shirt standing agent a tree. reading a book, the preppy girl. logo hovers above her head
Welcome to our Teen Clubhouse! It’s an atmosphere of learning, beauty  and growth!  We   offer  an engaging, fun and thought-provoking  book club for Black and Brown  teen and tween girls! Preppy Gyrl Country Club’s Teen Clubhouse Book Club is a 16 week program that includes a book club member package and a culminating Q & A Author Talk/Visit.  Our book club can be implemented at your churches, schools, organizations, after-school programs and recreation centers. Our novels allow book club members to experience compelling main characters that look like them and have  relatable storylines that reflect the  urban environment. Our teen book club encourages reading and promotes literacy and communication skills  within the African-American community. The book club allows for discussion and assists in the development of a love for reading. Readers have the opportunity to learn and grow socially, emotionally, spiritually, academically and more. Teen girls are exposed to understanding the importance of responsible decision making, self awareness, image, identity, good hygiene, relationship skills, faith, academic excellence, emotional intelligence, survival and so much more!

If  you would like more info on how to bring Preppy Gyrl Country Club’s Teen Clubhouse  Book Club to your school, church or organization, contact us at or (630) 605-3997.

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